By utilising sound, images and movement a TV commercial from Zaaton Media can capture the attention of a very large audience.

TV Commercials

Whether venturing into the world of TV commercials for the first time or as a seasoned professional Zaaton will listen to your ideas and needs and produce a customised quality Television commercial with our High Definition cameras.  We can also liaise with the Broadcasters for you so that all you need to do is approve the finished product.

Once complete, you can also use the commercial on your website or social media to further increase the reach of the commercial and the branding of your business.

What you get:

– TV quality video
– Multiple high definition cameras
– Lighting and lapel microphones
– Shoot in our Green screen studio or onsite
– Background music
– Bring photos to life in a commercial
– Experience & expertise
– Inspiration






Why use TV?

Regardless of the significant shifts in advertising over the past couple decades, television advertising has continued to prove itself as a medium that can not only sell individual products, but also create “brand lift” across all products. TV ads have been proven to provide an impact and memorable boost in customer perception that digital campaigns cannot rival.

For companies hoping to see positive results for their entire brand, and not just a single product at a time, they should remember TV advertising casts a strong and reliable shadow that an investment in digital alone may not achieve.

Jessica Hawthorne-Castro, CEO of Hawthorne


I tell my Advertising students that there is still nothing else like television. There is no other medium on which you can place a brand message and have tens of millions of people all at once see your advertisement……

Moreover, compared to other media with the exception of the Internet, it is the best for creating an emotional bond with the consumer, and that’s the real goal for sustained sales and growth.

Scott R. Hamula, Associate Professor and Chair Department of Strategic Communication, Ithaca College