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What is a Domain Name?

In order for your website to be seen on the Web, you must have a domain name and hosting.

The domain name is what people type into the URL bar to find your website.

The hosting is the server where the files that make up your website are stored.

In simple terms, the server is like the house for your website and the domain name is the address of that house.

Zaaton  can help you decide on and purchase the perfect name and extension for your business.

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– Domain names and hosting on fast servers

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What you get when you host your website with Zaaton.

Coming up with an effective domain name takes a lot of thought.  They need to be original – you can’t have the same name as someone else.  A domain name is more effective if it contains a couple of your keywords – that helps with SEO (search engine optimisation). It should also be easy to type and not too long.

The .com or .au at the end is the domain name extension.  There are over 400 extensions but much fewer common ones.  The purpose of your site will need to be considered when deciding which extension to use.  If you would like advice on the various uses of the extensions give us a call on 0428422913.

Web Design & Web Design Cost

Now that you have your domain name Zaaton can custom design a website for you based on your requirements.  Establish your business with a new website design.